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Oz Bezarius

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Anyone interested in doing a Pandora Hearts roleplay with me? I feel like I have a good grip on Oz, I have lot's of RP experience, and like to do Para - Multi. Send me a message if you do!
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So I decided to quit Yahoo chat. It's garbage, no one on there, including me and with the exception of my friend Sebastian,  knows what they want,, or who they are.

Yahoo used to be so much fun... I had it all... And it's gone. I feel like someone who has been really spoiled, given everything they wanted...  I had all these roleplays going on, left right and center, and suddenly had it taken away, perhaps through my own fault, because I tend to be impulsive and like this whirlwind, I suddenly don't want to roleplay someone so I delete the account without a second glance. Why? Why am I like this? Why does everything change? Why do I feel tired and weary now when I think about what I would face if I would go online. I want to smack them all.

 have no patience, I want things now, I want instant gratification. I can't get that from yahoo anymore. Yahoo is all about patience, about tolerance. I possess neither! 

I am just too spoiled. I want it all... and Yahoo... its like an owner that offers there dog small pieces of meat once in awhile. The dog wants to gorge itself, not nibble.

Wow, I never really wrote on this thing before but its really therapeutic! I think I will write a yaoi fanfic sometime!!
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It's from Gil/Raven's POV. I honestly wrote this at 9 am this morning, before going to the beach.  I woke up with the idea in my head, scribbled it down, didn't even edit it. So it sucks. It's Gil/Raven's thoughts about his master, Oz. Please feel free to comment and critizise.

Little Tyrant, Master,
Hide your pain behind your eyes,
Mask it in that forest canopy,
Let it brightly curve your lips,
and innocence paint your face.


Tease, laugh, taunt,
little tyrant,
your secret is safe with me.


And at night, bring your knees to cover your heart.
Allow your bodies trembles,
 To shake the tears from your eyes.

And one arm will hold you close,
While the other blocks the hand
that slapped yours...
Your secret is safe with me.


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I'll get the hang of this... I'll get the hang of this I'll get the hang of this livejournal code...thing.... /rocks back and forth like an autistic kid./
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Okay so I am new to Livejournal, but not new to Roleplaying. I'm looking for people who want to Roleplay Pandora Hearts with me! I also RP Kuroshitsuji (as Ciel) and Fruits Basket (as Yuki).

I admit I am a huge yaoi fan!!! <3333

No I don't troll /b/ so I won't be doing the ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu an zomg thing. I love semi-multi and once I get around, will be posing fanfics and the like.

Here is a fKuroshitsuji (Black Butler) anfic that me and a friend created, which was actually an RP -turned- fanfic through the wonders of my friend's editing.


Well hope to be non newbiesh and have a nice background and all that soon!!! Love ya ^_^

"You are my servant....so from now on I will protect you!"

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